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The South African journalist asked Shakib to apologize

Telford Weiss, a South African journalist, wrote a column entitled “Umpires are also human beings” and “Cricketers”. In that column, Vice asked Shakib Al Hasan to apologize.

It is learned that Shakib Al Hasan has tweeted about the recently concluded Durban Test between Bangladesh and South Africa. There, he said, many decisions of the on-field umpires in the Durban Test were against Bangladesh.
Shakib tweeted, “I think the ICC should go back to the rules of neutral umpiring.” Because in most cricketing countries, the cowardly situation is now under control.

In protest, the vice-captain held up the umpiring record of two umpires Holdstock and Erasmus. Highlighting the percentage of correct decisions or the percentage of wrong decisions, what rewards or awards were received for umpiring, he said that umpires are human beings and mistakes can happen to them.

After that, Vaas wrote to Shakib, Shakib should know better, 4 wrong decisions were made in the match. Of which 4 went for Bangladesh. And four against them. Shakib should apologize to Holdstock and Erasmus for this. But given the horrible history that umpires have, it doesn’t look like they’ll get it anytime soon.

Holdstock and Erasmus, two on-field umpires, made 12 controversial and erroneous decisions throughout the Test. The first four days of the Test were marked by 11 controversial and erroneous decisions. Therefore, Bangladesh team director Khaled Mahmud Sujan said that if the umpires had not made a mistake, Bangladesh would have got 180 targets instead of 264.

In reply to 264 runs, Bangladesh were reduced to 53 runs in their second innings. As a result, the Tigers lost by a big margin of 220 runs. The second and final test of the series will start from April 6.

Despite wearing the national team jersey with immense potential, the 7-year international career is not smooth. Although he was not in rhythm at one time due to his talent, he survived in the national team. But now that the number of regular performers in the Bangladesh team has increased, everyone has to prove their worth. He has been majestic outside the national team in the last few series. The door to return is open for him if he can prove himself in domestic cricket. However, the left-arm batsman failed here too.

After being dropped from the national team in a non-stop performance, Soumya also lost a place in the domestic cricket XI this time. Mohammedan will face arch-rivals Abahani Limited on Tuesday. Soumya was not included in the XI in this match. It has been found out that the Mohammedan team management did not put Soumya in the XI due to lack of form.

Soumya is playing for Mohammedan Sporting Club in the ongoing Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League. Where you can’t see the run with your own bat. In DPL, only one fifty came down with the bat in 6 innings. He made 23 runs in another innings. The remaining 4 innings could not touch the double digit quota. Although he took 6 wickets with the ball, Saumya was dropped from the team due to batting failure.



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